Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia Committee (ALL)

Committee Chairman:

Kjeld Schmiegelow

Committee Members:

A.Baruchel, Y.Bertrand, A.Biondi, M.Campbell, A.Colombini, V.Conter, L.Dalla Pozza, S. Elitzur, M.Heyman, M.Kato, C.Kiss, G.Kovacs, F.Locatelli, G.Mann, A.Moericke, F.Niggli, R.Pieters, C.Rizzari, M.Schrappe, J. Moppett, S.Rives, S.Samarasinghe, K.Schmiegelow, J.Stary, R.Sutton, T. Trahair, M.G.Valsecchi, A.Vora, M.Zimmermann

Clinical Trials:


INTERFANT-06: Randomized clinical trial for ALL under 1y*
ALLIC-BFM 2002 (2002-2009 ): Randomized clinical protocol for ALL in countries with limited resources
AIEOP-BFM ALL 2009: Randomized clinical trial for ALL (age 1-18y) Germany
*web-based trials


IDH (1991-1995): SR ALL
Pulses (1995-2000): MR ALL
HSCT in VHR ALL (1995-2000)
AIEOP-BFM ALL (2000-2006): ALL
Interfant-99 (1999-2006): ALL below the age of one year (ALL<1y)
EsPhALL* (2004-2009): ALL positive for the t(9;22) translocation


  1. The Committee continues to focus on recent findings from ongoing studies and collaboration with other I-BFM-SG Committees.
  1. The interim meeting was held in Milan on January 25, 2016 and was combined with the B&D committee meeting. Peter Hoogerbrugge attended on behalf of the Resistant Disease committee. Topics discussed were T-cell ALL biology (joint with B&D), asparaginase TDM and toxicity and indications for immunotherapy/SCT. Except UK, all groups are adjusting asparaginase doses based on therapeutic drug monitoring but whether this will translate into an EFS benefit remains to be seen. There was discussion about the benefit of asparaginase intensification and it was agreed that this is likely to vary by treatment backbone. Most groups are planning to test the benefit of immunotherapy for refractory patients with some prioritising Blinatumomab (AIEOP-BFM) and others CART cells (ALLtogether group). Although recent studies have provided much new information on T-cell biology, this has yet to find a clinical application.
  1. The Down syndrome ALL collaborative has agreed a registry proposal which will start to collect data this year.
  1. The amended EsPhALL Imatinib study and the Dasatinib BMS study CA 180372 have closed. Discussions are continuing on an intercontinental study to replace both these trials which will test de-escalation of chemotherapy for MRD good responders.
  1. The INTERFANT-06 study continues to recruit. An outline international protocol has been agreed between Japanese, European and US groups to replace Interfant 06 in 2016. It will incorporate epigenetic modifiers and blinotumumab randomisations for high and medium risk groups.

Recent Publications:

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January 21-22, 2019, Milan, Italy


January, 2020, Milan, Italy