Members & Observers

Over the years, I-BFM proved to be a strong reference group for everything related to paediatric leukaemias and lymphomas. Researchers with a keen interest in this field can share proposals and find expression of interest within this study group. An increasing number of country-based study groups from all over the world are therefore requesting to participate in the I-BFM network.


I-BFM is a successful study group, and membership to the I-BFM study group is open to all cooperative groups who share the same objectives of I-BFM (see Mission), and who are willing to join I-BFM cooperative research projects. To become a member does not require using the BFM backbone protocols.

Membership requires active contribution to the I-BFM study group. This can be by either participation in clinical protocols or in studies about the biology of disease. All I-BFM group members must present a summary of their experience and activity at each plenary session of the I-BFM Annual Meeting.

To become a member of the I-BFM-SG, interested groups may send a formal request to the chairperson or to one of the I-BFM-SG Executive Board members (see here). Membership is not issued on a personal basis; however, individuals representing single institutions may participate on invitation as observers.

Current Members of the I-BFM Study Group

  • AIEOP (Italy)
  • ANZCHOG (Australia and New Zealand)
  • BFM- A (Austria)
  • BFM- G (Germany)
  • Bulgaria
  • CPH (Czech Republic)
  • Croatia
  • DCOG (The Netherlands)
  • EORTC-CLCG (Belgium and Porto in Portugal)
  • SFCE (France)
  • GATLA (Argentina)
  • HeSPHO (Greece)
  • HKPHOSG (Hong Kong)
  • Hungarian Paediatric Oncology Network
  • INS (Israel)
  • JACLS, JPLSG (Japan)
  • NOPHO (Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Iceland)
  • PINDA (Chile)
  • PPLLSG (Poland)
  • SAHOP (Argentina)
  • SEHOP (Spain)
  • Serbia
  • Slovakia
  • Slovenia
  • SPOG (Switzerland)
  • Turkey
  • CCLG (U.K.)
  • Ukraine
  • Uruguay

How to become a member

If your study group wishes to become a member of I-BFM, please address your request to … specifying your field of research and the reason why you would like to apply.


Observers are representatives of cooperative groups or single institutions who wish to attend the Annual Meeting of the I-BFM study group. Observers may participate in committee meetings and plenary sessions; participation in closed meetings of a committee is only possible by invitation, through the committee chairperson.

Participation of observers in the I-BFM Annual Meeting or at one of the interim meetings can be proposed by Committee chairs or Board members. Nevertheless, a personal invitation from the local organizer and/or the Chairperson is required.